“Banks play a key role in the green transformation by channeling capital flows. To do justice to this role, banks have to change radically.”

Dr. Bernd Liesenkötter, Partner



Dr. Bernd Liesenkötter

Dr. Bernd Liesenkötter is a Partner at zeb and an expert on ESG. 


Dr. Bernd Liesenkötter, co-head of Business & Commercial Banking, joined zeb as a consultant in 2013 after completing his studies and his PhD on sustainability reporting at the University of Münster. 

Bernd is known for his leading role in strategy and transformation projects, particularly for companies in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and numerous regional banks. 

In addition to his focus on the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and its associated players, he has been taking on the topic of sustainability/ESG since 2021. Bernd has established himself as a leading expert in ESG strategies and is one of the first go-to persons for our clients on this topic.

  • Sustainability/ESG
  • Savings Banks
  • Corporate banking (in the savings bank segment)
  • Corporate strategy (in the savings bank segment)