FinTechs - Optimizing Operations and IT


When developing new business models, companies focus in particular on rapid market access in order to quickly scale their range of services and products. Young companies run the risk of developing fragmented IT architectures and processes that are not fully coordinated, or establishing interim solutions and (manual) workarounds as permanent solutions.


The interim solutions outlined above can generally prove to be practicable at short notice in order to quickly meet customer needs. In the long term, however, this approach can lead to considerable challenges: in the worst case, scalability cannot be ensured with existing processes, while tools developed in-house may no longer meet supervisory requirements. Overall, the rapid growth can result in a fragmented IT architecture in which changes can only be implemented over the long term with considerable effort and expense. In the long term, it is therefore necessary to continuously consolidate and clean up processes, systems and the architecture and, if necessary, introduce standard components.

The 10 strengths of successful IT architectures


Thanks to our many years of expertise in the development of IT strategies, sustainable IT architectures and implementation support, we know the challenges that institutions face. As a rule, we are an integrated partner for our customers. During the implementation phase, for example, we provide support from the technical concept to the development of the required processes and all the way to implementation and acceptance. Our extensive experience with supervisory IT requirements (BAIT, DSGVO) benefits us in this respect.

In addition, zeb develops its own software solutions for corporate management and is therefore familiar with the usual challenges of the institutions. We know the specific use cases in operation and control and use new technologies that actually serve the customer’s goals and that have an effective influence on the business model.

As an expert for financial intermediaries, zeb also has extensive experience in the design and implementation of all necessary processes, such as customer on-boarding, lending and reporting.

Technical and functional target vision for bank controlling