zeb.great women 2020

"Agility extreme" - hype for years, tested by COVID-19 - what has proven successful, what needs to be reconsidered?

2020 will be remembered by all of us - a year that was extremely challenging for most of us, both professionally and personally. What is important in times of change and uncertainty in companies? We are convinced: Agility is a key success factor when it comes to making decisions and acting swiftly in previously uncharted territory.

Dr. Katrin Lumma, host and initiator of the network, has transformed our Great Women event this year, for the first time and due to corona, into a virtual "cross-topic" talk round to discuss the topic of agility with the participants and to learn from the experiences of this year.

The successful event with participants from all areas of Financial Services was illuminated and enriched by presentations and experience reports from two agility-experienced "great women" from very different perspectives.

Ms. Vera Schneevoigt, Chief Digital Officer of Bosch's Building Technologies division, digitalization expert and passionate advocate for diversity and women's empowerment, inspired the audience with her industry experience. "Transformation is not a question of technology. Introducing agile working methods is first and foremost a question of culture change," is her credo.

Extreme athlete Anja Blacha, who, among other things, struggled for almost 58 days over the 1400-kilometer distance to the South Pole, offered the participants an extended insight into the physical and mental prerequisites and challenges. "Agility starts with the mindset," was her basic principle.

Dr. Sarah Brockhoff, co-organizer of the network, initiated an inspiring exchange with all participants - based on the central aspects of "Agility extreme".

Of course, we hope that a face-to-face meeting can take place again in 2021. Regardless, this virtual event showed that our Great Women network enjoyed the positive spirit.