zeb.great women 2019

Change of perspective in the financial services sector: seeing the (digital) world through different eyes.

Our customers are already looking at financial services through new media—what does that mean for us as financial services providers and how do we deal with these new challenges? Against this background Dr. Katrin Lumma once again invited the “Great Women“ network to Frankfurt to try out different perspectives.

With this year’s speakers, Christine Kiefer and Edda Vogt, we brought “the old and the new world of banking” together. Ms. Kiefer is an entrepreneur, founder of the “Fintech Ladies” and since 2019 she has also been a member of the FinTech-Rat, a body of experts on digitalization in financial services. She provided insights into current digitalization issues and their implications for financial policies. Ms. Vogt is a communications and digital expert on financial market topics at Deutsche Börse and shared with us the various platforms she uses in corporate communications.

A completely different perspective was offered by Dr. Suzanna Randall, an astrophysicist and research scientist at the European Southern Observatory. Dr. Randall is a member of the “Astronautin” initiative (Astronautin = female astronaut) and a candidate to become the first German woman in space. She took us on a journey to the stars and gave a memorable account of her preparations for her impressive mission.