zeb.great women 2016

Digital revolution and social market economy: How does it all fit together?

The event on November 4, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main offered the guests a varied program all about digitalization. Host Dr. Katrin Lumma, Partner at zeb, as well as more than 64 participants had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of the financial sector in the age of increasing digitalization, automation and FinTech hype at the historic Villa Metzler.

Guest of honor Julia Klöckner, MP, Chairwoman of the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate and Deputy Chairwoman of the CDU parliamentary group opened the functional part of the day with a speech about the correlation between digital revolution and the social market economy. In response to the question The digital revolution and social market economy: How does it all fit together?” Ms. Klöckner referred to the overall social and socio-political task for business, science, politics and trade unions to shape the transformation to a digitalized and networked production in such a way that a large share of all participants could be guaranteed.

Katrin Bornberg (Franke and Bornberg), Miriam Bundel (Shelfsailor) and Franziska Focken (OptioPay) provided the participants with a variety of insights into their experiences and technical expertise from the startup and fintech sector in the panel discussion moderated by Handelsblatt journalist Katharina Schneider.