How to fight financial crime


How to fight financial crime -
a use case for advance analytics

Anti-money laundering (AML) directives and enactments into local laws have necessitated significant investments into banks’ Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) frameworks.

An integral part is the transaction monitoring capability, scrutinizing each transaction for illicit behaviors and raising alerts for breaches - typically by means of rule-based controls. While these controls remain compliant and for selected client segments are both effective and efficient, this does not apply to the broad client population. Being a sole monitoring system, rule-based controls produce far too many unwanted alerts resulting in costly operations. 

By contrast, new advanced anti-money laundering monitoring solutions can both strengthen compliance and reduce the cost and operational burden while meeting regulatory
requirements. They can be implemented on top of existing rule-based systems or as new “greenfield” analytics solutions. Putting advanced analytics into the hands of investigators enables accelerated yet fine-grained reviews, increasing productivity and reducing time.

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