Hofner Jürgen, zeb

“The importance of cultural change and agile methods for the success of digital transformation is still significantly underestimated in the banking industry.”

Jürgen Hofner, Senior Partner

Jürgen Hofner, zeb

Senior Partner

Jürgen Hofner

Jürgen Hofner is a Senior Partner and primarily supports strategic and regulatory projects for large zeb clients with a focus on IT and/or digital financial services.

He is responsible for project initiation, planning, pre-studies, master planning and roll-out concepts for large-scale projects, oversees advisory and software projects (Basel II, IFRS, migration of core bank systems) and supports regulatory processes.

Jürgen completed a degree in Business Administration and Engineering from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences specializing in Informatics and Operations Research. He has more than 25 years of consulting experience, including 18 years in the banking industry. He was Managing Partner for an international IT consultancy for over four years, before joining zeb in 2001. 

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  • Artificial intelligence
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