Jonas Schödin, zeb

“Consultancy services have their price, but offer enormous added value.”

Jonas Schödin, Senior Advisor

Jonas Schödin, zeb

Senior Advisor

Jonas Schödin

Jonas Schödin is a Senior Adviser at zeb and responsible for Regulatory Outsourcing and Advisory in the Nordics.

He started his career as Executive Manager in 2012 when he joined zeb in Stockholm. Over a large number of projects, Jonas has focused in particular on medium-sized clients and risk management related issues. He now orchestrates zeb Nordics’ activities for more than 100 medium-sized clients.

For more than 8 years, Jonas has been advising his clients on risk management related topics and has also been the outsourced Risk Manager for several SME clients.

Ask me about

  • SME clients
  • Risk management
  • Risk control
  • Risk appetite
  • Capital adequacy