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Dr. Stefan Trost, Partner



Dr. Stefan Trost

Dr. Stefan Trost is a Partner at zeb and was the CEO of zeb.Nordics in Sweden for many years.

His clients include international (large-cap) banks, but also savings banks and data centers.

Stefan is an acknowledged expert on finance, risk and financial controlling. He oversees strategic projects on bank management and sales/product management as well as BCBS 239 implementation and data warehouse modeling. 

Stefan started his career with an apprenticeship in banking. He went on to study Business Administration at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart and gained his PhD with a thesis on the coordination of transfer prices. Following a stint in Controlling at the LBBW in Stuttgart, he has been part of the zeb team since 1999.

Ask me about

  • Finance and risk
  • Bank management
  • Financial controlling
  • Planning
  • Sales management and controlling
  • Management reporting 
  • Data management and data governance