Corporate Mission zeb

Corporate mission

Since the university professors Bernd Rolfes and Henner Schierenbeck founded zeb in 1992, our company has grown very well.

From a small consultancy from Germany, we have developed into one of the most renowned strategy and management consultancies for the financial services sector in Europe. Today we have 15 offices in 11 countries. With over 1,000 zeb staff members, we advise our clients in over 2,200 projects per year.

Our corporate mission was drafted in 1999 by the founders as well as early managers—together they reworded it again and again. Even if the financial services sector has changed a lot since then, our aim, our vision, our values and our approach have stayed the same. That is why our corporate mission remains the compass that always focuses our thinking and acting on what matters: making our clients more successful.

Our corporate mission

Our mission is to enhance the performance capacity and competitive strength of our clients.

We advise companies and institutions of the financial services sector and rank among the most successful consultancies for this industry.

Our expertise covers a wide range of fields, from strategy development and sales to organization, corporate management, human capital and IT.

zeb grows dynamically and strives for a leading position, even in new markets. 

We regard ourselves as a partner for change and provoke forward-looking decisions. We develop visions and strategies, make them calculable and carry out their implementation. And at the same time, we remain focused on results.

Our work is based on a combination of excellent, in-depth subject and industry knowledge, social skills and creativity.

Our employees are driven by the common ambition to belong to the best. zeb is a “home for talents”. We create space for entrepreneurial thinking.