“To see how effective sales concepts really are in retail banking, you first have to implement them.”

Martin Seidenberg, Partner



Martin Seidenberg

Martin Seidenberg is a Partner at zeb and an expert in the retail banking business and sales management of Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.

In recent years, Martin Seidenberg has supported more than 50 savings banks and association partners in the further development of sales topics.
In his role as co-head of the Retail Banking Practice Group, he is constantly developing new topics with his team in order to implement them quickly and effectively with maximum (end) customer orientation.

Martin has been with zeb since 2017. In addition to many years of project work, he has over 10 years of professional experience within the Sparkassen organization under his belt.


  • Savings banks 
  • Retail banking
  • Sales management
  • Profit enhancement
  • Client centricity
  • Mergers