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Round Table in Frankfurt a.M.

“Rethinking finances – every minister must become an austerity minister!” was the striking headline of the zeb.Financial Market Roundtable with Reiner Holznagel, President of the German Taxpayers Association. 

zeb.Financial Market Roundtable in Frankfurt a. M. with the President of the Bund der Steuerzahler (German Taxpayers Association)

Speaking to bank representatives and financial journalists, Holznagel called for a reduction of the solidarity surcharge and a restructuring of the income tax rate. 
Tax simplification and corporate taxation were also discussed in detail. “Better leave the money with the citizens and companies, they will certainly use it wisely – whether for old-age provision or the purchase of new machines,” is the clear political appeal of the tax association president. 
His credo: “The more money the government has at its disposal, the more it spends.” The government does not have a revenue problem, but the problem begins with the government’s spending behavior, Holznagel explained, calling for greater budgetary discipline and more macroeconomic thinking. Public finances and the entitlement mentality of many social groups must be brought back into balance. 
Holznagel advocated a reorganization of public finances, which ultimately means that everyone must recognize that the ever-increasing expectations of government cannot be met.