Corporate Banking Day 2019

After many years of stagnation, the commercial lending market is once again seeing some growth.

Due to the permanently low risk costs, the corporate banking business continues to be a solid anchor for credit institutions’ profits. So everything is coming up roses? Not quite. Despite the good starting position for the corporate banking segments, the challenges are huge and the business models are undergoing considerable change.

The “Japanese” interest rate scenario, the decline of economic growth and the market entry of foreign banks are just some of the topics that are putting a strain on the industry. Fintech companies are developing highly specialized offers, big tech companies are tapping into new revenue pools and some banks are working together on platform-based

business models. In addition, the first “smartphone banks” have reached corporate client business and are developing new offers. Which investments pay off and what measures should be taken? You can now download the keynote lecture by Dr. Jens Sträter here (in german).