“To realign the processes of a bank, you need two things: a high level of business expertise and knowledge of how to support employees on the path to change – the latter is crucial.”

Christoph Wienert, Partner



Christoph Wienert

Christoph Wienert is a Partner at zeb and a proven expert for operational excellence in regional banks.  

Christoph Wienert co-heads the zeb Practice Group Regional Banks OPEX. As an expert in strategic realignment through to the operationalization of the strategy, he guides clients into a new process world. In recent years, he has supported over 50 savings banks, associations and network partners in these issues. 

Christoph is a trained banker and worked in process organization at several savings banks before joining zeb. He has been with zeb since 2015, bringing this practical experience to his projects. In doing so, he always speaks the language of his clients.

  • Operational excellence (OPEX)
  • Savings banks
  • Regional banks