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In-house training courses

Our in-house programs focus on strategy-oriented talent management and topics related to agile leadership and organization. However, the range of topics for in-house training is unlimited and depends on your or your company’s specific needs.

The first step is therefore a non-binding consultation on the training needs of your company and the associated objectives. On this basis we prepare a qualified offer for the estimation of the investment expenditure on the basis of the number of consultant-days actually needed for conception and implementation. The training is usually carried out on the premises of your company or in other suitable spaces of your choice.

There are no ready-made formats for your individual needs. Based on the following examples of frequently requested in-house training courses, we would simply like to give you an impression of the spectrum of training possibilities with zeb. However, we will always develop a suitable format together with you according to your goals. Challenge us!


Modular courses in your company

Based on the participants and the concrete learning objective, various modules from the open seminars are combined. Topics can be explored in depth, in condensed form or in “standard format.” Occasionally, in-house content is also integrated. This ranges from event-related individual events to standardized deliveries from in-house academies (such as LBBW).

Workshop business model analysis and development 

The impetus of this event is the SREP Test Field 1 for Business Model Analysis. Here we train both auditors of supervisory bodies and those responsible for business model analysis and development at banks. We offer banks the option of using either general case studies or their own bank as a case study.

Interactive workshop for the development and promotion of an “appropriate risk culture” according to AT 3 MaRisk

On the basis of a standardized format (Eigenland workshops), the risk culture of one’s own company is intuitively evaluated and discussed via theses on the supervisory indicators of the risk culture. From the results of this evaluation and discussion, we derive potential for improvement.

Interaction competence for controllers

The success of controllers as internal management consultants depends not only on their professional competence, but also on their ability to understand the customer’s problems in interaction and to offer target-oriented solutions and support. Ultimately, controllers can only fully realize their “added value” if they win over their customers emotionally and convince them rationally. The workshop focuses on role-playing scenarios from the participants’ everyday lives, in particular with a focus on understanding roles, presentation, preparing for discussions, leading discussions and dealing with objections.

Interactive workshop for the introduction of an agile leadership culture (“Leadership 4.0”)

In times of constant change, increased speed of change and increasing complexity, the classic “command and control” paradigm no longer meets the requirements of a flexible, cross-departmental and project-oriented organization in many respects. Different cultures generate significant friction losses at the points of contact between departmental and project responsibilities. As a consequence, creative potential is often suppressed and agile procedures are “slowed down.” An agile management culture increasingly aims to encourage managers to work across departments with competencies and resources. With regard to these activities, the focus shifts from the performance and report recipient to the facilitator. When developing and introducing an agile culture, the individual goals and circumstances of the institution must be taken into account. We at zeb accompany these processes. The formats suitable for this are designed on the basis of the concrete challenge (survey/analysis/development of the management culture), e.g. as interactive training with supervision or also based on Eigenland workshops.

Expert knowledge training for supervisory board members in accordance with § 25 d KWG

The expert knowledge training courses are recommended as an in-house format because the previous knowledge of the supervisory bodies varies from institution to institution. The contents cover all subject areas in the sense of the “overall responsibility of the management” according to AT 3 MaRisk.

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We are happy to develop individual formats and content tailored to your needs. 

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